Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad — Serving Country, Serving Allah
May 26, 2005

There are an estimated 4,000 Muslim soldiers in the U.S. military, though some counts place that number much higher. We'll speak with the first Muslim imam in the US Army Chaplaincy -- Major Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad -- about Iraq, faith, and military service.



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Journalist Yvonne Latty, author of We Were There: Voices of African American Veterans from World War II to the War in Iraq recounts growing up with her father's tales of WWII and her own patriotic desire after 9/11.

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A soldier in the Iraqi Army and a soldier in the U.S. Army read their prayer books during the opening ceremony of the Masjid Al-Mu Mineen or Mosque of The Believers at Camp Cooke in Taji, Iraq.


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Voices on the Radio

Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad

is a major and the first Muslim chaplain to serve in the U.S. Army.

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