February 22, 2007
Isabel Mukonyora —
Sacred Wilderness, An African Story

Isabel Mukonyora has followed and studied a religious movement of her Shona people, the Masowe Apostles, that embraces Christian tradition while addressing the drama of African life and history. The founder of this movement, Johane Masowe, emphasized an ancient Jewish and Christian pull to the wilderness. Through her stories we explore modern African spirituality, diaspora, and finding meaning, as Mukonyora says, "in the margins."

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is an assistant professor of religious studies at Western Kentucky University.

Selected Audio

Music of the Masowe

Here you can download an mp3 of Mukonyora introducing us to the songs of the Masowe Apostles. And, if you like, a compilation of 12 songs.

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I am arecent convert of Johane Masowe ChISHANU apostles and wish to learn more about my new found religion.