Prabhu Guptara — The Gods of Business
February 23, 2006

In an age of Enron and WorldCom, how can we imagine a place for business ethics, much less religious virtue, in the global economy? We speak with a Hindu international business analyst who offers learned, fascinating observations about how the world's myriad religions have shaped global business norms and practices.




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Selected Readings

Ethics Across Cultures

Read the speech delivered by Guptara at the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts Commerce and Manufactures in London, England on March 5, 1998.

A Look at Americans and Religion Today

Review this Gallup poll surveying the religious trends and views held by Americans today.

Discussion Starters

The Gods of Business: Five Global Views

View Guptara's slide presentation, "The Gods of Business: Five Global Views," which focuses on American prejudices in business and their effect on world matters.

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is Director of Executive and Organizational Development at the Wolfsberg Centre, a subsidiary of UBS of Switzerland. He writes and lectures about issues at the intersection of business practices, religious worldviews, and ethics.

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