Peter Berger and Rosabeth Moss Kanter — Globalization and the Rise of Religion
October 12, 2006

Experts once predicted that as the world grew more modern, religion would decline. Precisely the opposite has proven true; religious movements are surging and driving "alternative globalizations" across the world. Two leading thinkers offer a penetrating view of how and why religion of all kinds is shaping the global economy and political order.

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Selected Readings

The Cultural Dynamics of Globalization

In this essay, sociologist Peter Berger presents a picture of the cultural dynamics of globalization that are often driven by varied religious and ethical traditions.

Davos Meetings Reflect Uncertainty

Read a column by Rosabeth Moss Kanter reflecting on the subtle, but important, points she discovered while attending the 2005 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Selected Audio

Unheard Cuts with Peter Berger

Listen to audio clips of Krista's conversation with Peter Berger that weren't included in the program. Berger tells us why secular Europe is an anomaly in the world and why the polarization of secular and religious groups in the U.S. doesn't represent most citizens.

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Evangelical Christians pray together on Bar Beach in Lagos, Nigeria.

(Photo: Jacob Silberberg/Getty Images)

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