Richard Cizik — The Evolution of American Evangelicalism
April 12, 2007

Last month, conservative Christian leaders demanded that Richard Cizik be silenced or removed from his post. They charged that his concerns about climate change and torture have shifted attention away from moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion. But for Cizik, poverty, war, and the environment are moral issues too. We revisit Krista's 2006 conversation with Cizik that took many listeners by surprise.

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A Response to the Criticism

March 29, 2007 In preparing for the rebroadcast of this program, we invited Richard Cizik to comment on the recent criticism of his agenda at the National Association of Evangelicals.

Selected Audio

Unheard Cuts

» "Spiritual Ancestors of Evangelicals" (mp3, 2:44)
Cizik counts early American ministers who fought for independence and abolition as his spiritual ancestors.

» "Days of Social Engagement" (mp3, 5:57)
Cizik recounts the days when the NAE's agenda included social engagement and not just personal issues.

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Attendees of a Billy Graham Crusade cool off during a crusade in New York City.

(Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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